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The Rum Diary – Mojito Mojo

  I went to see The Rum Diary, the latest Johnny Depp film, the other night.  I didn’t think an awful lot of the film – you can read my review here – but on a bleak Scottish winter’s night … Continue reading

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International Falafel Challenge

For a number of years, I have been undertaking an international falafel survey, in search of the perfect falafel.  Considering I have never been to either Israel or the Lebanon – considered as the natural home of falafel, you might … Continue reading

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Eastern Promise – a taste of Turkey in East London

 Many societies have their version of the (Cornish) pasty.  In Spain there is the empanada, in India the samosa, in South Eastern Europe, North Africa and Turkey the börek.  Different communities also have their version of the pancake.  In France … Continue reading

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Essaouira Eateries

There is no shortage of restaurants in Essaouira and you’ll never be far from a cone-hatted tajine or a bowl of coucous like driven snow, but sometimes you fancy something different. Here are my favourite restaurants in Essaouira. Elizir Eating … Continue reading

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Go things to do in Japan

No, it’s not a dodgy lunchbox slogan. ‘Go’ in Japanese means ‘five’ and here are my top five things to do in Japan. Any trip to Japan will be a mind blowing mix of the high tech and the traditional, … Continue reading

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Rockin’ Maroc

Today someone asked me for some travel tips for Marrakech.  What a great topic for a blog post! I love Marrakech.  Parts of the medina look like life hasn’t changed since the middle ages, yet Marrakech is very firmly on … Continue reading

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