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Scottish-Japanese links

I recently discovered a link between Edinburgh, Scotland (where I live now) and Japan, where I lived for two years after graduation.    Edinburgh man Victor Murphy joined the British Royal Air Force when he left school and retired a … Continue reading

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懐かしい! Natsukashiiiiiiii~ !!

I came across an article recently in the magazine of the London Evening Standard while travelling… Apparently J-Pop is the latest big trend in clubbing in the Big Smoke.  My involuntary reaction was to think wistfully “natsukashii, na….” Natsukashii means … Continue reading

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Go things to do in Japan

No, it’s not a dodgy lunchbox slogan. ‘Go’ in Japanese means ‘five’ and here are my top five things to do in Japan. Any trip to Japan will be a mind blowing mix of the high tech and the traditional, … Continue reading

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