The World in Photos

I have travelled the world and I have hundreds, thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of pictures of places, people, sights and scenery in dusty albums and on CDs and hard drives.  I find travel memories so inspirational and wanted to find a way to display the pictures of the places in my home, not store them away where I would forget them.  I already have lots of photos in frames and didn’t want any more on the wall or cluttering surfaces. 

There had to be a way to put the photos on show.  I hit on the idea of using a large wall in my hall.  I wanted to put the photos on a world map to show where the images had been taken.  It is possible to get World map wallpaper, but then the photos would have to be attached to the wall.  I considered designing hanging panels of the globe and somehow attaching the photos to them but that seemed pretty complex.  Eventually, I came across a local reprographics and display company trough my work and we came up with a plan.

The map is 1.5 x 2m and magnetic.  The photos are cheap digital prints held in place by magnets.  Magnets also mark all the countries I have visited.  The photos can be moved, replaced and refreshed after new trips and the map is always a talking point when I have visitors. I love my giant magnetic map!

the magnetic map
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